Center Console vs. Dual Console Fishing Boats

Posted by Gail Farias on Jul 17, 2019 9:54:51 AM
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Center Console or Dual Console?

Choosing between a center console and a dual console boat should depend entirely on how you plan to use it. Each offers distinct advantages, and both provide plenty of fun and functionality. Cobia Boats, a division of the Maverick Boat Group, is a leader in custom-designed boats for dedicated anglers and avid boaters alike. For over three decades, the craftsmen at Cobia have been producing safe and functional watercraft that meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry. Cobia offers a wide range of beautifully crafted center and dual console boats to match your needs precisely.

What factors should a buyer consider when deciding between a center or dual console boat?

Advantages of Center Console (CC) Fishing Boats

For the hardcore, dedicated anglers, center consoles make sense. Having the console in the center of the craft leaves the perimeter unobstructed, allowing casting from anywhere along the rail. Landing those larger fish becomes easier when you can tend the lines from all sides, fore or aft, with no interference. For groups of two or more in your party, each person can select and cast from any spot.

The deep-V hull configuration of most Center Consoles propels the craft smoothly and comfortably to the destination. For the pilot, center consoles usually offer greater visibility. And, since the console is in the middle, passengers will also have easier access to the water from the bow, stern, and sides of the boat.

Recognizing that many boat owners are not only out to catch fish, designers of center consoles are adding options to accommodate non-fishing outings better.

Cobia's Center Console Model Selections

· 201 CC
· 220 CC
· 240 CC
· 261 CC
· 262 CC
· 280 CC
· 301 CC
· 320 CC
· 350 CC

Cobia’s Center Console selections offer your choice of Gelcoat colors, power and steering options, rail-types, tops, electronics, head configurations, trailer options, lights, stereo and speaker equipment, tray and wiring for an additional battery, and more. The Cobia 280 CC, for example, offers new designs with forward seating, a deluxe front-entry head, stylish hardtop frame, 3-sided windshield, hideaway bow table, and additional creature comforts. The Cobia 280 CC is suitable as a pleasure craft without sacrificing any fishing functionality.

Advantages of the Dual Console (DC) Boat

Dual console boats feature the helm on the right side and a passenger seat on the left. Passengers move fore and aft through a center aisle between the consoles rather than around the perimeter.

One notable and passenger-friendly advantage of the dual console boat is the wraparound windshield that spans the width of the craft. The walkthrough passageway door to the bow can be closed off so passengers may move back away from the elements. And, the wrap-around design of the windshield reduces the sea spray from the sides, as well.

Cobia's Dual Console Model Selections

· 220 DC
· 240 DC
· 280 DC

Cobia’s Dual Console selections offer custom option and accessories that include power and steering choices, color and color pattern options, electronics packages,

trailer options, kitchenette, stereo and speakers, outriggers, anchor upgrades, forward table and sun lounge, ski pylon, and much more.

Hardtops for all Cobia Dual Console boats can be customized to cover the entire width of the craft behind the windshield. These provide better protection while at sea than the smaller tops on center console boats.

The bow area of a Cobia 280 DC has comfortable seating for passengers as well as a hideaway bow ladder to use when they decide to take a swim.

Cobia 280 DCs have a kitchenette with a stove, refrigerator, table, and seating to create a delightful and convenient dining experience while out to sea.

Making the ChoicE Between a Center console or Dual Console

The center consoles are principally, but effectively, fishing platforms. If fishing is your principal aim, the center console design allows committed anglers to work their lines from any place on the boat.

If family outings and entertainment are important, dual console boats are the better answer. Comfort, versatility, and additional protection from the elements will ensure a more sociable and pleasant experience for your group or family outing.

The center console option is more suited to the gritty, rugged image of the dedicated angler who seeks functionality and performance for their favorite sport.

The dual console owner is most often the head of a family or frequent host who enjoys entertaining with boating excursions and water sports while including a bit of fishing along the way.

To discuss the important advantages of both center and dual console boats and how they may fit your lifestyle, visit the experts at Cape Yachts at 254 Elm Street in South Dartmouth, or phone 508-994-4444.

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