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Life Aboard a Yacht: Living Your Dream Life

Posted by Gail Farias on Jul 1, 2019 12:41:18 PM
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Living aboard a beautifully outfitted yacht is a reality for some and a longstanding dream for many. Cruise the ocean and intercoastal waterways, fish when you choose, and fall asleep in a comfortable berth rocked gently by the waves.

Creating a life aboard a yacht, comfortable, safe, and ocean-ready, is easier than you may think. Many people find their ideal ocean-going home, sell their house, and begin life as full-time liveaboards. The boat becomes both their principal residence and a vacation home.

So, why not pursue the dream?

Consider the Benefits of Living aboard a yacht

Life aboard a boat is the embodiment of freedom. You escape the overly familiar routines of everyday life like commutes in heavy traffic, yard work, and that feeling of entrapment we experience when always surrounded by walls, buildings, noise, and neighbors. Living on the water opens your perspective to new horizons each day.

Exploring new and exciting places on a moment’s notice with your belongings already aboard is the true essence of freedom. There’s no need for a hotel. You may choose to visit a shore restaurant only when the spirit moves you.

When living aboard your boat, you are not bound by conventional restrictions. You can enjoy guiding your craft to new destinations while marveling at unrestricted views of the sunrise or sunset.

Know that you will be living the life that many others want to have, but most will never achieve.

Consider these benefits of living aboard a yacht:


Already packed and loaded, head out to a nearby island or distant destination. Spend a day fishing the waters without the hassle of driving to the marina, traffic delays, parking, or having to stop at roadside restaurants and hotels along the way.

When rigged with sufficient fuel and water capacities, your luxury craft can reach destinations hundreds of miles away.

Communing with Nature

Even while inside, you are always surrounded by Mother Nature's water, sky, and the glorious sea air. Enjoy lounging on the deck, or move inside to enjoy your spacious, comfortable, and seaworthy watercraft.

Sea birds will fly about as manatees urge you for a snack. Dolphins playfully surface and dive to grab your attention. For most of us, life aboard a well-appointed boat can be far more interesting than watching rabbits eat your garden as squirrels torment the family dog.

All the Comforts of Home

Modern liveaboard boats are designed for comfortable, full-time living. State-of-the-art kitchen areas, bathrooms, and entertainment salons are designed to accommodate full-time residents. Flat screen TVs, WIFI, surround sound, wet bars, and more can make your seafaring home precisely what you want it to be.

Choose Your Neighbors

By selecting a marina with a designated liveaboard area as your home base, you are among people with common interests. Here you should be separated from the weekenders and day-trippers that are often noisy and interested only in their personal enjoyment. Full-time liveaboard neighbors respect your privacy and desire for quiet.

If, for some reason, you haven’t found the right mix of neighbors, move your seagoing home to another marina. It is difficult to do this with a foundation-anchored, land-based home.

Your New Home is Waiting 

Headquartered in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Cape Yachts is one of the nation's leading yacht brokerages. We match high-quality, used watercraft with prospective buyers. Or, if you prefer a brand new, custom fitted model, we represent the top manufacturers in the industry.

Cape Yachts features beautifully maintained and well-equipped boats from top-end manufacturers like Hatteras, Beneteau, and Austin Parker.

  • Hatteras Yachts: From hull design and style to onboard luxury, Hatteras has been a leader in quality and innovation for over 60 years.
  • Beneteau: Supplementing their noteworthy line of quality sailing vessels, Beneteau’s high-quality fleet of power boats are among the top-sellers in America. Fully equipped, these remarkable craft offer seaworthiness, beauty, and plenty of luxury.
  • Austin Parker: Ranging from 36’ to 74’, Austin Parker Yacht designs merge modern sleekness with traditional style to create a beautiful and luxurious watercraft with each selection.  

To learn more, visit us at Cape Yachts located in South Wharf Yacht Yard & Marina located in the historic village of Padanaram, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts . Our team of professional brokers and boat sales professionals are available to help get you on the yacht you've been dreaming about to make your dream a reality!

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