What is the Best Boat for Me?

Posted by Mark Edwards on Apr 15, 2019 3:36:35 PM
Mark Edwards

So, You want to Buy a boat do you!

Great idea. What kind of boat should you get? That decision requires some soul-searching on your part. You need to ask yourself a lot of questions about what you want to do with a boat. Who will go with you? Where will you be boating – ocean or bay or lakes? How much money will you spend? Understanding in broad brush strokes the different types of boats available and how they answer your questions can save you from making a mistake and save money at the same time.


Sailboats come in all sizes from day sailors to coastal cruisers to ocean passage makers and flat out racers. Sailboats are great if you want to harness the wind and save on fuel. There is nothing better than the quiet, steady motion of a sailboat under way. And how exciting is it to approach a race starting line with competitors close at hand timing the start gun! Imagine living nearly off the grid on your cruising sailboat in the Islands! All of these options are available from the Beneteau Sail line offered by Cape Yachts.

Cruising Power Boats

If sailing is not for you, or if your time is limited and you can’t see moving at 7-9 knots all the time, then a cruising power boat might be for you. As with any boat, the questions you asked yourself at the outside apply here. Are you looking to nose up on a beach and picnic for the day, or perhaps you want to weekend in Nantucket? Do you see a trip down to the coast or a winter in the Bahamas? Maybe the inland Great Loop has caught your imagination. Cruising boats come in all sizes and with outboard motors, gas and diesel inboard motors and can perform from mid-teens to over 60 mph! Cape Yachts represents the best of each class including Hatteras, Austin Parker, Beneteau Swift Trawlers, Gran Turismos, and Antares as well as Jupiter and Cobia.

Fishing Boats

Southern England is a great area for sail and power boat cruising. It’s also a premier fishing ground for many species of fish, including: flat fish, the wiley bass, bluefish, tuna, sword and shark fishing. It can be great family fun to hang a line over the side or run out 70 miles offshore to the “Canyon.” Fishing boats will be more purpose-built with live-wells for bait, fish boxes, rod storage and prep stations. By design the angler should be able to access all areas of the boat as a fish is on the hook. The Cobia and Jupiter sold by Cape Yachts both answer the call well with boats from 20' to 43’ and the newly introduced Cabo 41 by Hatteras takes you there and gives you a large interior living space as well.

As a full service marina, the selection of boats at Cape Yachts varies over time, but we always offer top brands and popular models along with an assortment of boats being offered through our brokerage services. Since 1986, Cape Yachts has been the premiere place for power boats and sailing craft, and we would be happy to assist you in finding the right recreational boat.

If you are interested in learning which recreational boat is best for you, please let us help. We have many years experience and the knowledge to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

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