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Posted by Kyle Smith on Oct 11, 2019 12:16:14 PM

Hatteras Yachts have long been the gold-standard manufacturer known of high-quality sport and cruising yachts known worldwide for craftsmanship, functionality, performance, and style. As the company celebrates its 60th year, a review of its history and unique approach to boat building is timely.

The Hatteras Experience

How Hatteras Yachts Came to Be 

The waters near Cape Hatteras, where the cold Labrador Current meets the warm Gulf Stream, can rarely be described as calm. When Willis Slane and his design partner began envisioning a new style of fishing boat to cope with rough sea conditions, they set a new standard for how fishing yachts should be built.  

With the 1960 introduction of the uniquely named Knit Wits, a 41-foot sportfishing yacht, Slane began an evolution in recreational and sport fishing boats that changed the industry. The boat came with an open-air, upper helm station that could easily convert to a comfortable family outing craft. 

Also, the builder and designer employed a new material known as fiberglass that could withstand the pounding and the sea’s harsh elements far better than previous materials used. 

And, powered by two 275-hp Lincoln V8 engines, the craft moved quickly and powerfully through heavy seas. 

The Knit Wits, later dubbed the Hatteras 41 Convertible, quickly became the standard in the industry, and sales ballooned.  Hatteras Yachts was to lead the way in fiberglass watercraft for decades. 

Innovation, Performance, Safety, Comfort, and Style  

Not resting on their early successes, Hatteras Yachts grew through innovation, study, and an in-depth understanding of the sport yachting world.   

Still, with the focus on maneuverability and comfortable ride even in rough seas, Hatteras yachts delivered a far smoother ride than the competitors who seemed to design their products only for speed in calm waters. When the going got tough, knowledgeable sport fishing and recreational boating connoisseurs chose to stay dry and comfortable in their Hatteras yachts. 

Unlike other manufacturers, Hatteras Yachts avoided using balsa wood cores in their hulls that tended to lighten the boat's weight to enhance the speed. But this inclusion also decreased the strength. 

The hulls and sides of Hatteras watercraft are made with resin-infused solid fiberglass with no “fillings” to lessen the overall weight. Hatteras hulls feature a downward angle chine with hull side “step-outs” to help reduce spray while increasing the beam above the waterline for more cabin space. Hatteras Yachts will withstand more significant impact with less damage than others experience. Effectively absorbing a collision with a hidden log or other objects at sea can be a life-saving feature. 

After six decades, Hatteras Yachts is still an iconic, highly respected builder of sportfishing and motor yachts. 

Unique Elements of Hatteras Motor Yachts: A Better Experience 

If you are searching for a top-quality, comfortable, and seaworthy watercraft that will last, the brand Hatteras is the best place to begin. Their designs produce a more comfortable, safer, and drier ride than other yachts of similar size. 

Hatteras has moved beyond the sportfishing market also to become a leader in the upscale motor yacht sector. The Panacera Series, for example, begins with the Panacera M60 model that marketers deem sleek, beautiful, and deceptively spacious. 

Several new Hatteras models are equipped with a ship management control system, Hattcon. This integrated technology controls lighting, heat and A/C, video streaming, and the boat’s monitoring, all through your Apple device.  The Hatteras M75 and the M90 Panacera are equipped with stunning features like a moonroof, flying bridge, spacious relaxation zones, and elegant accommodations. 

Visit or Contact Cape Yachts 

Cape Yachts, a leading brokerage for high-quality new and used yachts, is headquartered in South Dartmouth, MA at the historic South Wharf Yacht Yard and serves the Cape Cod and New England Region. If you are interested in a Hatteras Sportfish or Motor Yacht, the professionals at Cape Yachts can help make that dream come true. Check out the Cape Yachts' current inventory by visiting their website. Or, make an appointment with one of the Cape Yachts professionals to discuss the possibilities.  

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