What is the Right Type of Boat for Me?

Posted by Gail Farias on Nov 11, 2019 3:05:23 PM
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Recreational, cruising and fishing boats come in many sizes and shapes, each designed for specific use and level of comfort. To make sure you select the right one, you should consider the intended use, style, configuration, size, and price range. Where your boat will be used and how it will be stored should be critical considerations, as well.

The types of boats and yachts tend to fall into three general categories, although more than one activity can be enjoyed on many.

The principal reasons buyers purchase boats are for:

  • Fishing
  • Cruising
  • Watersports
Types of Boats Available

Here is a brief description of just a few of the many types of boats available.

Types of Fishing BoatsFishing Boats

  • Sportfishing Boats

Explicitly designed for deep-sea and saltwater fishing, fully equipped sport fishing boats can accommodate multi-day fishing trips. These watercraft range in size from about 38 to 100 feet and may be provided with towers, outriggers, fish finding gear, and other specialized equipment. These are frequently equipped with live-wells, GPS, and sonar.

Serious saltwater anglers prefer center console fishing boats that allow for unobstructed 360° access along the outer perimeter of the craft. This configuration makes landing the “big ones” far more comfortable.

Dual console fishing boats offer a pilot seat and passenger seat on each side. This layout allows passengers to easily pass from the stern through the center of the vessel to the bow area. This configuration tends to be more passenger-friendly and ideal for group outings.

Cruising Boats

Cruising vessels are designed for the pleasures of moving comfortably across the water while traveling to a destination or simply enjoying time at sea. These are equipped for all levels of comfort, roominess, and, of course, cost.

Available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and models, sailboats can be simple or complex, depending on your preference. When choosing the right sailboat, hull configuration, keel type, number of sails, and where you plan to go should guide your decision. Raise your sail and let the wind sweep you to a nearby harbor or a distant island.

Ranging up to 100-feet in length, motor yachts tend to be built for comfort with kitchens, elegant bathrooms and toilets, and sleeping quarters. Whether for overnight trips or longer voyages, motor yachts offer all the luxuries of home.

Up to 50-feet, a typical trawler is fully equipped for human passengers with bedrooms, head, and galley. Since the displacement hull is designed for less resistance through the water, these are more fuel-efficient than other yachts of comparable size.

Always a top choice for family boating, express cruisers provide a galley, full head, and sleeping berths for up to six people. These are great for overnight or weekend outings. Express cruisers range in size from 26 to 75 feet. Some ocean boaters prefer an inboard motor configuration because of less exposure to the saltwater. These are also available with outboard systems.

Boats for Watersports

  • In-Board Ski Boats

With the engine situated near the boat’s center, inboard ski boats tend to minimize water disruption. They propel smoothly through the water, leaving a less pronounced wake. Inboard ski boats are ideal for water skiers, wakeboarders, and tubers of all levels.

  • Bowriders

Bowriders are very maneuverable and generally equipped with a tower to accommodate tow ropes more easily. These include seating in the bow area and come with a V-shaped bow to accommodate sharp turns. Usually built with a swim platform and ladder to facilitate getting in and out of the water, bowriders are generally 16 to 35 feet long.

  • Jet Boats

Noted for their speed and maneuverability, jet boats generally seat up to ten people in vessels up to about 26-feet. Whether motoring at a relaxing pace or for a thrilling, high-speed ride, jet boats are fun and can get you where you are going when you want.

Cape Yachts

With over three decades of experience, the Cape Yachts professionals, located in South Dartmouth MA and Newport RI, will help you find exactly the right types of boats for you. Offering a vast inventory or new or used cabin cruisers to smaller ski and fishing boats, Cape Yachts will work with you to ensure you have precisely the right watercraft for your needs, passenger size, accessories, and price level.

Visit the Cape Yachts website to view their existing inventory. Cape Yachts is a primary broker of many types of boats built by world-class manufacturers like Beneteau, Hatteras, Auston Parker, Cabo, and Cobia.

To learn more, phone Cape Yachts at (508)-994-4444 or contact us below. We are available to answer all of your questions.

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