Why Life is Better on a Boat

Posted by Gail Farias on Apr 20, 2020 3:43:08 PM
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The moment you begin to drift from the dock, you will experience a sense of release. The separation is not only physical in the sense that you are no longer attached to the land, but the tensions and worries of everyday life begin to fade. Suddenly, the water, sky, and the wind become your focus.

Whether you will be aboard for a few hours, a weekend, or longer, the escape is real. And, if you are boating in reasonable luxury, you have all the comforts of home without the burdens of schedules, lawn care, and all other land-based responsibilities.

Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s face it. Life aboard your boat or yacht can be good for your health. Besides giving up those lingering worries of your land-based life, you will not be burdened by the traffic, time schedules, and the polluted air. Instead, you breathe the fresh ocean or lake breezes and eliminate the “noise” that continually surrounds us.

And, except when you are lounging with a glass of wine or other refreshments, most people remain active while aboard their boat. Stop for a swim or cast a line whenever you feel the urge.

All the Comforts of Home

Some novices worry that being away from shore too long means sacrificing many of the comforts of home that they routinely enjoy. In truth, if you have been window shopping online or in-person lately, you’ve seen that many boats and yachts have absolutely everything that you may deem essential to survival. Galleys and heads are fully equipped while main cabins come with all the electronics, gadgetry, and entertainment resources you can imagine.

And, you only need to dock at a marina to shop for food and replenish supplies as needed. Your boat can have ample storage for several days aboard.

Stress-Free Travel

Whether you are a full-time liveaboard or spending weeks at a time on your boat, you can travel to other coastal locations easily and comfortably. Compare a relaxing yacht voyage to driving your fully-loaded SUV along crowded interstates lined with truckstops and roadside rests for food and bathroom breaks.

Experienced boaters enjoy marina-to-marina sailing because it is comfortable, stress-free, and a great way to spend your vacation.

Your Time is Your Own

The principal reason people choose to live part-time or full-time aboard their boat is to escape the distractions that infiltrate their daily lives. While at sea, you can enjoy unlimited privacy without distractions.

Strict schedules have no place aboard a boat. Should the weather suggest delaying your voyage, no problem. Wait a day or two and head out when the weather improves.

Your time is your own, and you will have more time to read, write, and contemplate without continual interruption.

Social Life

Becoming a permanent or part-time liveaboard does not mean isolating yourself from human contact, although that is certainly an option.

Since you will be spending some time attached to land at a marina or dock somewhere, you’ll have the chance to meet like-minded friends who clearly have the same interests and lifestyle. Instead of discussing local political issues or landscaping challenges, topics of interest will likely be more about can’t-miss destinations, fishing secrets, and other seagoing experiences.

Full-time “Liveaboards”

Many individuals and couples are choosing to sell their land-based homes to move full-time onto a fully equipped yacht or sailboat. While much of the time, the boat will be attached to the land, the owners still enjoy the ambiance and sensations of water living. Even at the dock, the gentle rocking of the boat has a serene effect on the occupants.

But, at anytime they choose, liveaboards can elect to head out onto the open water.

When these lucky individuals choose to move to another location, the process is far more straightforward than with a land-based home. Simply untie the lines and cast off. There are many people that have chosen Life Aboard a Yacht and are now living their dream life. If that is something you are considering, let us help.

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